i'm natalie. fsu, twenty. i believe in jesus, i like chai tea, dancing, english things, sweaters, good music, and sometimes art.

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i want you to know.
Be kind to yourself while blooming. I know sometimes it feels like your soul doesn’t always fit. It’s all a part of the process.
- Emery Allen (via ohfairies)

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This girl is smokin.

NASA scientists with their board of calculations. 1960’s
Allergy Pride Parade

The “Human Squirrel” drops by to celebrate the 110th anniversary of Times Square and #SquirrelWeek!

The “Human Squirrel” who did many daring “stunts” in climbing for benefit of War Relief Funds in New York City. He is shown here at a dizzy height in Times Square. Times Photo Service., ca. 1918
From the series: American Unofficial Collection of World War I Photographs, 1917 - 1918